Meeting with Representatives of the Company

The Hellenic Navy General Staff announced that on Tuesday, July 9, 2013, representatives of the company «MORFO HOLDINGS LTD» had provided presentation at the offices of HNGS, in order to update the Hellenic Navy in maintenance, operation and training of personnel of the military hovercraft (ACLC) “ZUBR” type.

The above meeting was attended by the responsible decision-makers of the General Staff, while the company «MORFO HOLDINGS LTD» was represented by Mr. Constantinos Sofroniou and Mr. Alexandros Sofroniou.

Lieutenant Commander Christos Arfanis HN
Spokesperson HNGS


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MORFO HOLDINGS LIMITED is a group of companies which belongs mainly to the family Sofroniou, citizens of Cyprus, and deals with international trade, industry and land development. It represents and consults more than forty highly recognized international companies. Read more...