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MORFO HOLDINGS LIMITED is a group of companies which belongs mainly to the family Sofroniou, citizens of Cyprus, and deals with international trade, industry and land development. The group of companies MORFO acts as representative and consultant of business development in the Eastern Mediterranean and Balkans for more than forty highly recognized international companies, such as Hyundai Group of Korea, Fujikura of Japan, Balfour Beatty Ltd of England, BarcoView of Belgium, Tecnomen O.Y. of Finland, Tellabs Inc of U.S.A., Romelectro S.A. of Romania, VA Tech of Austria, Multi Tek of England, Corning Cable Systems GmbH of Germany, Jotron Electronics of Norway, NGV TECH-Shipyards of Malaysia, ABG Shipyard Ltd of India, EDT Towage & Salvage Ltd of England, Yaroslavski Shipyard of Russia, Morye Shipbuilding Co. of Ukraine, Tysca Grupo of Spain, General Cables S.A. of Portugal, Astilleros Armon of Spain, Ukrspetsexport of Ukraine, Zorya Mashproekt of Ukraine, Energia of Ukraine.


The company keeps offices in London-England, Athens-Greece and in Limassol and Platres-Cyprus. In Cyprus and Greece the company works mainly in the sectors of Energy, Telecommunications and Infrastructure Works - Development Works, as well as in supplies of Electromechanical Material. In Cyprus, as representative of Balfour Beatty Ltd, the company had undertaken the manufacture of new Electric Power Station in Vasiliko. It also supplies the Electricity Authority of Cyprus with Optical Fiber cables and XLPE cables through the company BICC Cables Ltd and Corning Cable Systems GmbH, measuring instruments through the company Multi Tek Int.Ltd, galvanized materials through Romelectro S.A.-Romania, Transformers and High Voltage Substations through the company VA Tech-Austria.


Besides, the last years, the company has been supplying the Telecommunications Authority of Cyprus with Optic Fiber cables, impregnated wooden poles, cell phones services through Tecnomen O.Y. of Finland, measuring instruments though Fujikura-Japan and Bicotest-England, telephone services and systems through Tellabs Inc-the United States of America, thermo-contracted joints through Corning Cables Systems-Germany, Ground to Air Transmitters / Receivers through Jotron Electronics-Norway and LCD Displays and VTMIS Systems through the companies BarcoView-Belgium and Barco Orthogon-Germany, Direction Finder Systems through ICI International, INC-the United States of America, etc. In Greece, in cooperation with the local companies, such as ENERTA A.E., Morfo Holdings Ltd, as the Representative and Local Consultant of Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co Ltd, had won the design and manufacture of new Crude Oil Refinery Unit in Aspropyrgos for the Hellenic Petroleum.


Also, the company supplies the Public Power Corporation with wooden poles, wooden log-anchors and cross-arms, electric voltage meters, submarine energy cables, optical fibers cables and other. The company supplies also the Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications with wooden poles, measuring instruments, cell phone systems, etc. In April 2004 the company Morfo Holdings Ltd founded in Greece the company Celtic Special Military Supplies Ltd and in 2014 – the company Popular Trading S.M.P.C., which specializes in location and trade of spare parts not only for the Hellenic Navy, Hellenic Airforce and Hellenic Army, but for the enormous Merchant Fleet of Greece and Cyprus as well. In October, 2004 the company ensured the exclusive representation in Greece and Cyprus of the five Ukrainian factories which participated in the manufacture of Air Cushion Landing Craft of type “Zubr”, which has been included in the service with the Hellenic Navy for about 10 years.


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MORFO HOLDINGS LIMITED is a group of companies which belongs mainly to the family Sofroniou, citizens of Cyprus, and deals with international trade, industry and land development. It represents and consults more than forty highly recognized international companies. Read more...